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Six Promotional Giveaways That Keep on Giving

Businesses thrive with repeated positive exposure. When the company name appears in plain sight and comes up in conversation regularly, the business has a great chance to make more of an impact. Effective marketing giveaways can add some momentum.

Whether for a trade show, business event, or just to give away at will, company-branded novelties can go a long way toward attracting customers. Here are six promotional giveaways that keep on giving.

  1. Notepads & Sticky Notes – If your notepad has 50 sheets and your sticky notes have 100, you have a lot of chances to grab some attention for your brand. Make sure your notes and notepads have the company logo, website address, and other pertinent contact information if possible. Make a habit of using your branded pads everywhere you go and giving them out to new customers and prospects. They’ll use them too, and it’s as good as a blizzard of business cards if you include contact information.
  2. Lip Balm – Give your prospects the gift of comfort with a personalized lip balm stick. Golfers and skiers will appreciate toting along a tube to the links or slopes, and just about anyone will enjoy having it on hand everywhere they go. In addition, most lip balm users apply several times per day, so that gives your prospective clients that many chances to remember you off and on throughout the coming weeks and months.
  3. Desk Toys – Everyone likes to have fun at the office! Choose stress balls, mini footballs, and other knickknacks that your prospects will enjoy tossing around their office. These giveaways offer great staying power. If it’s an enjoyable item, different people in the office will get their hands on the article, passing your brand around for many more to see.
  4. Cell Phone Accessories – Consider the ever-popular credit card pocket for smartphones, microfiber cleaning cloths, cell phone stands, or mophies. These cell phone accessories are valuable and worth bringing home from the trade show.
  5. USB Flash Drives – In the business world, backing up data continues to be as crucial as ever. While many back up to the cloud, there’s something to be said for having your favorite photos or other files securely saved at your fingertips. Branded USB flash drives solve such a problem with convenience.
  6. Webcam Covers – Security has never been more important than it is today. Most people are covering up their computer camera with a sticky note when not in use. Why not give your prospects something better that is easy to use and install? This small, branded item will keep your company in plain sight each and every day while also performing a necessary function.

So forget the pens and t-shirts unless you’ve got something earth-shattering. Consider these six business marketing giveaways for repeated brand exposure at your next trade show or event instead.


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