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How Investing in Creative Design Can Boost Your Brand

Whether you want to increase sales or create more brand awareness, strong branding is a
must. By creating a consistent visual language, you can develop an instant connection with
Quite naturally, this increases the importance of creative designs that can retain attention.
Did you know that color can increase your brand recognition by 80%?
Unfortunately, the design aspect is often neglected in marketing and communication. Maybe
if you understood the different ways it can boost your business, you might think again.
Makes a Powerful First Impression
When it comes to businesses, the importance of first impressions is immense. Did you know
that 94% of your audience will judge a product or service based on appearance?
The same applies to your website and other aspects of branding. In comparison, a visually
complex design will drive your users away.
The challenge is that you only get fractions of seconds before this happens.
So, if you want to make good use of this small window, a solid creative design is your best
Builds the Foundation for Your Branding Strategy
Believe it or not, your brand depends a lot on the design. This includes even a tiny detail like
the logo. Every element of your brand’s design helps the audience associate with your brand
This is crucial in building a solid brand name and identity.
Making a mistake in brand design can be fatal for any business. Take the example of
Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Despite both being in the market for a long time, Coca-Cola seems to
triumph over Pepsi primarily because of its timeless logo.
A creative design that is also relatable goes a long way in earning the trust of people.
Helps in Delivering Better Stories
Speaking of trust, brands also need to build an emotional connection to the audience to
thrive. And what better way to do it than developing powerful stories around your brand?
Don’t think too hard!
Anyone can come up with good stories. It is how you deliver them that matters. Investing in
creative design helps you narrate powerful stories.
Graphics can be an excellent asset for also prompting users to take action faster. Therefore,
you can put your message across more efficiently with a simple narrative and exciting
Enhances Navigation and UX
Creative designs allow you far greater customization that, in turn, boosts the navigation of
your site or app. The simpler it is, the better.
This way, you can enhance the user experience (UX) for the clients.
Aesthetically pleasing visuals account for a more harmonic composition of all the branding
elements, like name, color, and logo. Colorful graphics can even make bland information
come to life.
Builds a Professional Image
When you invest in creative designing, it can define the professionalism of your brand as
well. Being consistent with the logos and design across all social media platforms, websites,
and other materials gives a sense of uniformity.
The importance of this is undeniable in establishing brand authority.
When the visual consistency is well-planned, it can boost all your other marketing efforts
tenfold, resulting in:
● Better communication
● Stronger brand recognition
● Higher conversions
There are many more ways creative designs work wonders for a brand. Utilizing this tool can
develop your brand identity, help gain trust among customers, and derive higher
conversions. It also makes your brand a memorable one with a consistent impression.
If you have been considering the investment into designing as an unnecessary expense, it is
time to reconsider.
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